The Audi A8


The art of Progress

The art of progress. Beautifully expressed in visual form. In an exceptional vehicle. The new Audi A8. Impressive and sporty.

The Audi A8's Equipment

Brilliant Design. Awe-inspiring and dynamic

Distinctively structured surfaces. And aspiring to something very special – brilliance down to the last detail.

Brilliant Details. Flawlessly Styled and timeless.

Staying true to one clear principle: concentrating on the essential. Not a single line without a function.

Brilliant Charisma. Fascinating and pioneering.

The optional Audi matrix LED headlights aren‘t just a thrilling feature at night. The new lighting technology is quite a spectacle during the day, too, sometimes appearing as light points, sometimes as a dynamic light strip. Individually controllable LEDs. Perfectly adapted to the situation in hand. Showing the way ahead. An impressive sight, time and time again.

Brilliant Classiness. Finished to a supreme standard

Choice materials lend a palpable sense of exclusivity. Top-class workmanship sets new standards.

Brilliant Functionality. Intuitive and elegant

The MMI® that boasts a clear layout and elegant design. And can be operated perfectly intuitively with the optional MMI® navigation plus with MMI touch. Or the optional head-up display that provides eye-level information at all times. The new Audi A8. Designed for complete and utter comfort.

Brilliant equipment. As unique as you are.

Sportiness, comfort, design, functionality – whatever you demand from your Audi, a wealth of equipment options is available to meet your needs. Here you will see just how much attention we pay to detail. And to quality which you are able to appreciate with all your senses. From exquisite inlays to the comprehensive range of interior colours and superior quality leather. In an Audi A8 you are able not only to enjoy innovative technology, but luxurious craftsmanship beyond expectation.

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